Enhanced Vegetation Index Free Trial Registration - LATE SUMMER 2017

Our proprietary Enhanced Vegetation Index (EVI) has been developed to specifically quantify vigor in grapevines. The EVI is a breakthrough in vineyard analytics - NDVI mapping services commonly available on the market are suited for general agriculture only, and are subject to inaccuracies compromising their value as a tool for vineyard management. 

  • Hawk Aerial is offering FREE 10-acre trials of our Enhanced Vegetation Index vine-vigor mapping service. This offer carries no obligations - the reaction to our earlier trial offer drove enough user engagement and feedback that we decided to schedule another block of trials.
  • This one-time limited offer includes one flight yielding four maps of your 10-acre area of interest.
  • This promotion is open to commercial vineyard operators, vineyard consultants and viticulturists in CA, OR and WA.
  • This offer is subject to availability, so book soon to have Hawk Aerial drone pilots fly your field and electronically deliver your EVI vigor map package.  Fill out and submit the form below and we will get in touch shortly.
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