Aqweo drone, quanta sensor and dronefuse software

Each specifically designed for vineyard mapping and closely integrated with each other, the Aqweo, Quanta and DroneFuse allow acquisition of the most accurate vineyard data in the industry.


Feature 1

AQWEO:  Stable, Durable, Reliable

Multi-rotor drone:  carbon fiber construction, water & dust-proof motors,  actively decreased motor speeds for stability

High precision GPS:  Channels, frequency, updates, shielded.  Digital IMU with inertial filtering.  Onboard computer controls camera & ground control s/w.  Upgradable firmware


QUANTA:  Powerful and Precise

Four customizable optical filters.  RGB & NIR.  Specific, separate light bands for vine vigor and disease detection.  Extra-large sensor.  High signal-to-noise ratio.  Ground resolution 6 cm.

Calibration, calibration, calibration.  Radiometric calibration. Ground reference object.  On-board, 8-channel calibration sensor. Algorithms for atmospheric calibration


Feature 3

DRONEFUSE software:  Flight Planning and Data Management System

Intuitive and user friendly.

Plan the autonomous flight, execute the flight, then upload the data for processing.

Click here to watch our video showing the system in operation.  And for more information, go to SkySquirrel Technologies.