Vineyard drone Flight Services

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Hawk Aerial has partnered with VineView Scientific Aerial Imaging and SkySquirrel Technologies to bring the power of drone technology to vineyard management.  For years, leading vineyard operators have recognized the value of aerial analytical maps as they make decisions regarding fertilization, irrigation, pruning, pest & disease management and harvest.  Customers have realized significant improvements in yields, quality and costs, amounting to many, many times the cost of the data.  

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We use the vineyard-specific Aqweo aircraft + Quanta camera, a fully autonomous system designed and manufactured by SkySquirrel Technologies.  This proven and reliable UAV incorporates a multispectral camera outfitted with filters specifically selected and tested to give the precise information needed to assess vine health and vigor.  Our pilots come to your vineyard on your schedule and fly the Aqweo to acquire the aerial data.  We then process the data and deliver to you a series of analytical maps including the industry leading Calibrated Enhanced Vegetation Index produced by VineView.  Leafroll disease maps are also available, as are infrared and RGB optical maps.  Watch the system in action in our video here.  Contact us today to learn more about this valuable new technology.