We're FAA-certified! On April 8, 2015, the FAA granted Hawk Aerial a section 333 exemption allowing it to legally fly drones for commercial purposes.  And our pilots are licensed under Part 107.

Leveraging commercial-grade drone technology without having to own and operate a drone yourself has never been easier.  Whether it be inspection, measurement, monitoring or analysis, Hawk Aerial will work with you to deliver the aerial information and imagery you need.

Flight Services Overview

  • Team of highly skilled pilots located in Washington, Ohio, Florida and northern & southern California.  We have strategic relationships with vetted groups of pilots around the country and can provide flight capacity anywhere in the continental 48.  Ability to travel to location with a 3-5 day notice
  • Approved Visual Observer (VO) upon request and/or required based on project
  • Flight services are on a per day or per half-day rate with delivery of data occuring:
    • same day for some inspections
    • 24-48 hours for more comprehensive inspection projects, precision ag or surveying with post-processing
    • formatted per clients' request (photo, video, orthomosaic, NDVI)
  • Carrying $1 million in liability insurance
  • Ability to fly international projects upon review
  • For large scale projects, we can add PICs at a rate of 2 per week and VOs at a rate of 1 per day