Electrical Transmission Inspection


Electrical transmission towers require periodic inspection and maintenance, most of which is accomplished by crews of highly skilled linemen/tower climbers.

Drone technology gives workers new tools for increased safety and efficiency by capturing high resolution images as the drone operates autonomously around tower structure. Electrical transmission line technicians can now take a close look at the structure and electrical equipment assessing maintenance needs prior to ascending the tower. Drones can also drape "pull lines" over the towers that can be used to hoist up rigging equipment.

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Tower and Asset Inspection Project

Hawk Aerial was a recent participant in a Community Wildfire Safety Program utilizing many of our highly experienced pilots operating drones to capture inspection data and images. Pioneers in the field, this was the largest drone based inspection project worldwide, truly the first of its kind.

Hawk Aerial holds a high standard of excellence, following a comprehensive set of safety and compliance programs and policies, certified and approved by ISNetWorld. Each pilot also follows the proprietary Hawk Aerial Electrical Transmission Tower Inspection Operations Manual, to ensure consistent results of the highest quality, along with the safety of everyone involved.

This project was completed with 8 pilots, over 5,500 field hours, and 2,800 flight hours. 5,500 towers were inspected with not a single accident.