LA Drone Expo 2014 – Photo Gallery & Debrief

The first-ever LA Drone Expo took place December 15, 2014 and was most definitely a success. The commercial and consumer drone event was held at the Los Angeles Memorial Sports Arena in downtown LA, previous home to the LA Lakers, Clippers, Kings and USC Trojans capable of seating over 16,000 people. Hawk Aerial was present and ready to go when the doors opened but our months of planning seemed to just barely handle the overwhelming amount of interest at our booth.

At this inaugural LA Drone Expo event, roughly 40 exhibitors set up vendor booths to display various PRODUCTS & SERVICES to a crowd of over 4,000 attendees. Exhibitors ranged from hobbyists to commercial, selling everything from complete airframes to drone-applicable components. However, attendees contained a surprising amount of professionals from various industries interested in commercial drone application; exactly the users Hawk Aerial is targeting. These professionals represented industries ranging from county fire departments to civil engineers, cinematographers to real estate brokers and agricultural analysts to big game hunters. 

Ant-Drone protestors even made an appearance during the keynote speeches. This group was confused about the purpose of this expo (and industry in general) as they were upset about the military use of drones harming foreign enemies. After a few minutes of chants and arguments, the police quickly escorted them outside.

According to a Marchesello & Company, third-party economic analysts’,  the commercial drone industry is projected to create over 100,000 jobs and in excess of 100 billion. Agriculture is expected to be the largest drone industry earner.  Hawk Aerial CEO, Kevin Gould also had a chance to speak on stage with a panel of experts, voicing concern for the slow-to-act FAA in regards to drone regulations.

Overall, the first ever LA Drone Expo event was a HUGE success. We distributed roughly 1,500 pieces of marketing material and met almost 100 professionals interested in the application of our PRODUCTS & SERVICES within their organization. Foot traffic was high the entire day. It’s a great indicator for this growing industry. See you at the Small Unmanned Systems Business Expo in San Francisco in April.