Hawk Aerial Exhibits at ROOTSTOCK in Napa Valley

On November 8, Hawk Aerial, VineView Imaging and SkySquirrel Technologies introduced their drone-based products and services to the vineyard industry at Napa Valley's annual ROOTSTOCK trade show.  Rolling out their Aqweo UAV and Quanta vineyard-specific multispectral camera, the team provided interested visitors detailed information on aerial data acquired by the drone system which is processed into valuable map products.  For years, leading vineyard operators have been using VineView's proprietary Calibrated Enhanced Vegetation Index and Leafroll Disease maps to significantly improve crop yields and grape quality.  Now those maps are available via drone technology, providing significantly higher resolution and on schedules that best fit the customers' needs.

Hawk Aerial offers drone flight services, where its pilots fly its Aqweo/Quanta drone systems so the customer simply receives the Calibrated EVI and disease maps they need.  Or customers can purchase an Aqweo/Quanta system from Hawk Aerial and operate it themselves.  In that case, Hawk Aerial provides full training and support on this industry-leading system.