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The deployment of unmanned aerial technology is driving a revolution in site mapping and analytical cartography. Until very recently, maps accurately representing the Earth's surface, through aerial or satellite imagery, were confined to thousands of acres at the smallest, and generally hundreds of square miles in practice. Hawk Aerial can easily create accurate maps of areas under 1000 acres, down to small fractions of one acre, from data that can be captured in a few hours of flight operations.
These maps can be projected or transformed to any coordinate system, and imported to mapping software such as ArcMap and Autodesk, to allow the user to determine distances, areas, or simply plan or monitor change in the area of interest.

The data product making this possible is the raster orthomosaic, created by collecting hundreds or thousands of ultra-high resolution images equipped with precise 3-dimensional positional information, and combining them into an image with a coverage area typical of satellite imagery, but featuring resolutions only low-altitude image capture can deliver.
See below for images (significantly downsampled - original datasets are generally ~500MB/acre).